Start using browser features the moment they become available to your users.

The web moves at an incredible pace, even faster than other IT sectors. This is amazing, but also makes it hard to keep up.

Cool new features, like CSS Grid, are already written about when they're in early draft stage, long before it's possible to use them in production.

The question is how do you know when you can start using a new browser feature?

To me it happened often that I didn't use a feature because I thought it's not supported enough. And for others I removed a polyfill months later than I could have.

I was missing a notification that support for a feature grew large enough for me to start using it in my websites.

This is why I built FrontAlert.

You select how many users you want to support and get an email as soon as a new feature can be used by all of them.

How many users do you want to cover?


Browserlist is a way to query browsers based on usage and other factors.
Right now only cover is supported, in the future more support will be added, and then this textarea will be enabled to allow custom queries.

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Data provided by the amazing caniuse project. Big thanks for that.